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Giving FAQs

Thank you for your interest in supporting Cambridge Friends School. Like all independent schools, CFS depends upon the generosity of its community to sustain and advance the mission of the School. 

Without the donations of thousands who came before us, Cambridge Friends School would not be here today. In fact, generous gifts allowed us to open in 1961. The donations paid the salaries of our first teachers. And every year since then, donations have constructed our building, stocked the library, and built the school that we all benefit from today.
Each year, Cambridge Friends School turns to its families and friends for additional support, financial and otherwise. We recognize that this is a significant and meaningful request, particularly in light of the tuition expense already shouldered by families. We are deeply grateful for the volunteer and philanthropic support we receive, because it is critically important to our school and it makes a significant difference on many levels.
In our 56-year history, our school community has built a culture of philanthropy and stewardship that we cherish. We -- parents, grandparents, alumni, past parents, current and former faculty and staff, and friends -- cultivate community through a spirit of giving back – through volunteer opportunities, the Annual Fund, and special events such as the Super Sleepover. We hope the spirit of giving will continue to flourish at Cambridge Friends School and welcome your interest and support.

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Tuition is expensive. Why must CFS ask for additional money?

    Tuition covers about 84% of the full cost of educating a CFS student each year. We depend upon charitable contributions to supplement tuition income and cover operating expenses including faculty and staff salaries and benefits, professional development, building maintenance, and tuition assistance. Without this additional support, tuition would be higher. In addition, unlike tuition payments, contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Q. What is the Annual Fund?

    The CFS Annual Fund is an indispensable source of unrestricted income and an important part of the annual operating budget. Gifts to the Annual Fund help to close the gap between the income received from tuition and the total cost of a CFS education. 
  • Q. How much should we give to the CFS Annual Fund?

    CFS needs and appreciates gifts of every size. Last year Annual Fund gifts ranged from $5 to $15,000. We encourage parents to give at a level that is proportionate to their giving ability and we hope that parents and guardians will make CFS their highest philanthropic priority while their children are students here.

    In 2016-2017, CFS received just under $250,000 in donations to the Annual Fund. We also saw excellent participation figures with 100% of trustees, and 90% of families. Alumni contributions also increased by 32%. Our goal for FY 2017-2018 is to increase participation to 100% from all constituencies.
  • Q. Who supports the Annual Fund?

    Parents, alumni and alumni parents, trustees, faculty and staff, members of Friends Meeting at Cambridge and other Quakers, grandparents and significant elders, and many other friends of CFS give to the Annual Fund. The success of the Annual Fund depends on the participation of the entire community.
  • Q. Are those who volunteer their time to CFS also expected to support the Annual Fund?

    Yes, we need both volunteers and financial contributions to survive! Volunteerism is a vital part of our community and CFS parents give extraordinary gifts of time. However, each family is also asked to contribute to the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts each year. Having strong participation in our fundraising efforts is a sign of strength in our community!
  • Q. Does CFS have any restricted funds?

    While unrestricted giving provides flexible funds that can be used where best needed, some donors may wish to direct the use of their gift or part of their gift. The school has several restricted funds such as the Thomas Kennedy Memorial Fund, the Mary and Walter Johnson Tuition Assistance Fund, the Tina and the John Hammock Latino/a Scholarship Fund, and the CFS Teacher Education Fund, named in honor of Tom Waring, Helen McElroy, and Laraine Morin. Please contact the development office for more information.
  • Q. Does CFS hold additional fundraising events?

    The Development Office leads a number of events throughout the year, including the Super Sleepover, Seminar Series, and the Spring event. The library holds a giant used book sale every fall and the Family Association hosts an election day bake sale each November. Family fundraising activities help strengthen our community and provide additional support for CFS. Participating in these activities is a great way to get involved in our community and meet other CFS families.
If you are interested in learning more about supporting CFS or are interested in making a gift, please contact Diane Marangoly at 617-354-3880, ext. 117.

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