CFS Seminar with Shane Bitney Crone

Thursday, April 9, 2015: Bridegroom: A Love Story. Unequaled.
Film Screening, Presentation, Discussion
Join filmmaker, writer, and LGBTQ activist Shane Bitney Crone for the screening of his thought provoking film Bridegroom: A Love Story. Unequaled. After the film, listen to Shane’s presentation about the film and participate in a discussion on the issues raised. Seating is limited. Advance ticket purchase and registration is recommended. Read more below.
$10 CFS Community members, advance purchase
$20 General Public, advance purchase
$25 Day of the event, at the door, if space allows

Shane Bitney Crone is an activist, speaker, writer and filmmaker. He grew up in Kalispell, Montana, a conservative, small town near the state’s famous Flathead Lake. At a young age, Shane was a very active member of the tight-knit community; he was even awarded Student of the Year for his leadership qualities. Despite his efforts to fit in, however, Shane fell victim to years of homophobic bullying and severe depression. Determined to escape the close-mindedness of his hometown, he graduated from high school, packed up all of his worldly belongings, and trekked to Los Angeles where he would pursue his dreams of working in the entertainment industry.

In 2005, knee-deep in the world of Hollywood, Shane met a young man who would change his life, and heart, forever: Tom Bridegroom. The two fell quickly in love, and soon collaborated on all aspects of their lives. They founded a social media/public relations company, established a successful music blog, purchased a home, and adopted a dog, JB. Shane and Tom shared the American dream of starting a business, buying a home, and getting married someday. Their dreams came to an end in May 2011, when Tom died in a tragic accident.

A year after the death of his partner, Shane created a YouTube video about his experiences entitled “It Could Happen to You.” The 10 minute video recounted Shane and Tom’s story, including the injustices Shane suffered during the aftermath of Tom’s death. The video ultimately went viral: it garnered over four million views and was translated into over a dozen languages. This deeply personal insight into Shane’s traumatic, but uplifting, journey was listed as one of GLAAD’s “Most Inspiring Videos that Helped Push Equality Forward in 2012.”

Linda Bloodworth Thomason, creator of Designing Women and director/producer of the critically acclaimed Man from Hope, took interest in Shane and Tom’s story. Together Shane and Linda produced a full-length documentary, Bridegroom: A Love Story, Unequaled, which was released in the fall of 2013. The film showcases the couple’s life together and the fallout from Tom’s untimely death, while exploring the ramifications of marriage bans. The documentary has earned numerous accolades, including audience awards at every film festival at which it’s been screened. Festivals of note include Tribeca Film Festival and Los Angeles’ Outfest Film Festival.

From a young age Shane has channeled his energy to support good causes, hoping to inspire others with his creativity and personal triumphs. Today he lobbies for marriage equality alongside organizations such as GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. Shane’s hard work and powerful story have been recognized internationally. In 2012 he was awarded the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Award and was named one of Instinct Magazine’s Leading Men of 2012. He was also honored by Congressman Bob Filner, who named August 26 “Shane Bitney Crone Day” in San Diego, California.

Today Shane travels regularly to promote Bridegroom and to continue campaigning for LGBTQ rights. While he is blessed to have the opportunity to meet his supporters and make new friends, he is always happy when he can spend time at home in Los Angeles with his supportive friends and beloved dog.
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