Planning a Quaker School

Spring 1958: A group of parents in Friends Meeting at Cambridge begin to discuss the possibility of creating a Friends day school.
1958-59: Interested parents meet monthly to explore plans and possibilities for such a school.

January 1960: Official minutes of meetings begin to be taken; aims and philosophy of the school are written by Mary McClelland and Mary Mendelsohn.
April 1960: Friends Meeting at Cambridge appoints the original group of parents as the “Committee on a Proposed Friends School.”
May-June 1960: The Committee circulates a questionnaire regarding interest in a possible Quaker school in Cambridge.

January 1961: Thomas Waring, member of the “Committee on a Proposed Friends school” and a fifth grade teacher at the Shady Hill School, is appointed Headmaster of the new school.

January-September 1961: Planning moves from abstract to concrete: policy decisions are made; curriculum is created; staff and students are recruited; and basic supplies and equipment are acquired.
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