Dr. Jill Walsh

RESCHEDULED - A Digital Coming of Age with Dr. Jill Walsh

On Wednesday, April 4, CFS welcomed Dr. Jill Walsh to speak about today's students, who are coming of age in the digital world. 

Technology creates many opportunities and challenges for children and adolescents. The same is true for parents who are tasked with helping guide them through the mediated world.
We cannot pretend that digital media does not impact our children, but in what ways and to what effects? Click here to register.
In this talk Dr. Walsh, a professor and researcher from Boston University, will present information about the current digital media landscape, with a particular focus on the apps and platforms most popular with children and tweens. She will share the experiences of young people she has worked with and situate their stories in the context of broader research in the field of adolescent development. She will also provide parents and guardians with strategies for engaging their children in positive and productive discussions to help them develop healthy boundaries around technology use.
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