Community Anti-Racist Anti-Bias Alliance

CARABA, the Community Anti-Racist Anti-Bias Alliance, a CFS Family Association initiative, is a group of guardians and parents committed to supporting the school’s long tradition of anti-racism education. Formerly the Community Anti-Racism Alliance (CARA) and the Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG), CARABA’s mission is to work as allies with the faculty and staff in support of the school's anti-racist educational mission, to encourage dialogue in the broader CFS community about issues of social justice, and to support families as they prepare their children to become agents of change in the world. If you are interested in joining CARABA, or hearing more about the group’s work, please send an email to the Family Association co-clerks, or look for meeting announcements on the CFS website and in the CFS Weekly Reader.

CARABA sponsors all-school book discussions. CFS parents, faculty, and staff, as well as CFS alumni are invited to join together to read and discuss texts that explore changing race relations. The in-person book discussions at the school are led by CFS parents. Books are available to borrow from the CFS library. Or check out a copy from your local library, and start reading today!

Family Association Steering Committee Clerks

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  • Cathy "Cathy" Pacheco 

    Interior Designer
  • Photo of Sarah Chapman

    Sarah Chapman 

    Resident Ceramics Studio Artist/Board of Directors
  • Deborah "Deb" Ashman 

  • Sara Suchman 

    Director of Implementation Assistance

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