Affording CFS

Tuition Overview

Affording an Independent School Education

The very fact that you are exploring Cambridge Friends School as an educational option for your child means that you care as deeply about education as we do. Although many parents would choose to enroll their child in an independent or private school, some never investigate the option due to concerns regarding the cost. The information here may help to demonstrate that the benefits of a Cambridge Friends School education may be accessible to your child.

The Value of a Cambridge Friends School Education

The Friends School experience stimulates imaginations, engages intellects, strengthens bodies, and enriches spirits. We provide students with the time and the place in which to build the foundation for a happy, prosperous, and meaningful life. CFS is an independent school in which a community shares in silence and dialogue, reflection and debate, with a self-respect and mutual regard that inspires each individual to grow ever stronger.
With the central goal of promoting academic excellence in our students, Cambridge Friends School is guided by the principles of progressive education, which recognize that children learn best as active participants, collaborators, and problem-solvers.


We are proud of our independence from local, state, and federal constraints. This allows our teachers to teach to the individual child and create curriculum that is innovative and fresh. This independence, however, makes Cambridge Friends School dependent on tuition revenue and other revenue sources (annual giving, endowment funds, and auxiliary programs) to support the faculty and resources for our programs.

The total cost to educate a student at Cambridge Friends School is, on average, $2,650 more than the tuition price we charge. Other revenue sources help to subsidize all students, including those who do not receive financial aid. CFS seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body. To that end, we are committed to providing financial assistance to qualified students whose families cannot afford the full tuition. On average, CFS awards over $1,200,000 to approximately 40% of the student body.
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