Support Services

It is our belief that Cambridge Friends School is enriched because the student body represents a variety of learning styles. Children learn best when they are in classrooms with others who think and represent information in many different ways. Our small class sizes and our flexible learning environment allow our teachers to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners; however, some children may require additional learning or social and emotional support. Cambridge Friends School does not offer OT, PT, speech or language, or other special services.

Learning Support:

Learning support is available at CFS for children in grades 1-8 based on need. The cost is covered by tuition unless necessary services are above and beyond what CFS can provide. Decisions about learning support are made by the Learning Team. Support in the Lower School is primarily available to children who are experiencing difficulty with reading. Children may also work on writing related to their work or reading. Middle School support services are designed to match the Middle School curriculum. Thus, they are primarily focused on support for organizational skills and executive functioning, i.e., memory, planning, and problem-solving, rather than basic skill acquisition.

Counseling Services:

Counseling services are provided by the school counselor. The counselor is available to meet with teachers, parents, guardians, and children in both the Lower and Middle Schools regarding concerns about personal, social, or behavioral issues at school or at home. Parents, guardians, teachers, and occasionally a child may initiate contact.
While time restrictions prohibit being able to offer long-term counseling in school, short-term counseling is available to students, particularly because we know that social and emotional issues can greatly affect learning. Periodically, when the need arises, groups with a specific focus, such as loss or divorce, are held. The counselor will also refer families to outside resources when that seems appropriate. Ongoing communication with mental health professionals can also be coordinated through the counselor.

Support Services Team

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  • Photo of Margot Holtzman

    Margot Holtzman 

    Title: Middle School Learning Specialist
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x200
  • Photo of Linda MacArthur

    Linda "Binnie" MacArthur 

    Title: Lower School Learning Specialist
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x109
  • Photo of Kate Idlebrook

    Kate Idlebrook 

    Title: Lower School Learning Specialist
    Business Phone: (617) 354-3880
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