CFS MakerSpace

CFS /Tufts MakerSpace Partnership

CFS MakerSpace: A Cambridge Friends School / Tufts University Partnership

Through a partnership with the Tufts University Department of Education and the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, the CFS MakerSpace came into being and enjoyed a successful debut with the Summer 2014 MakerSpace program operated by the TuftsMakers interns. Experiences and ideas from that summer program informed the final design of the CFS MakerSpace, which opened its doors in October 2014, one of the first maker spaces to be incorporated into a school’s curriculum and the only one in an elementary school setting at that time.

Funded by a National Science Foundation grant, Cambridge Friends School and Tufts University continue their partnership. Tufts graduate student are conducting research on how elementary and middle school children and their teachers use and are influenced by a school-based maker space, and CFS continues to integrate the MakerSpace in its curriculum.
Cambridge Friends School deeply appreciates the outstanding efforts of Tufts University Partnership program director Brian Gravel, former Tufts Partnership research and development manager Riley Meehan, the 2014 TuftsMakers, and 2015-2016 Tufts University graduate student researchers David Alsdorf and Amanda Strawhacker.

CFS MakerSpace Site for NSF Grant Investigating New Literacies in Maker Spaces

Cambridge Friends School, in partnership with learning scientists from TERC, Tufts University, and the University of Tennessee, has been awarded a multi-year Research in Service to Practice grant from the National Science Foundation. The research project, Investigating New Literacies in Maker Spaces, will investigate new literacy practices within and across a number of different maker spaces that serve adult, high, school, and middle and elementary school-aged participants. Part of the work will be to develop a common protocol, including tools and methods, for documenting, describing, and understanding literacy practices in maker spaces. In addition to the Cambridge Friends School MakerSpace, sites include Artisan’s Asylum, Sprout & Co., Somerville STEAM School, and The South End Tech Center.

The CFS MakerSpace was made possible through a grant from the William and Karen Tell Foundation, Richard "Chris" Stokes, and the generosity of individuals like you.

To learn more about the CFS MakerSpace or how to make a gift toward it, please e-mail Jennifer Craig, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement or call 617.354.3880 x110.
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