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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups at CFS

Affinity groups began in 1990 when the Black Kids Group met for the first time, and they continue to be important forums for students. The goal of affinity groups is to support students by giving them a chance to be with other students who share a particular identity, heritage, culture, or experience. We believe that affinity groups benefit everyone.

Race-based Affinity Groups

In accordance with our mission, the primary purpose of race-based affinity groups is to affirm, protect, and nurture the racial and cultural identities of students of color.

In the Lower School, race-based affinity groups meet in three clusters: Asian Kids, Black Kids, and Latino/a Kids. Students in Lower School may belong to more than one affinity group. In the Middle School, students of color meet as one group, the Middle School Students of Color. Additional groupings form as the need arises. Each group meets every month. Twice a year, all of these groups gather as one large community of students of color. Faculty and staff of color facilitate the groups.

Rainbow Kids Group

The students who live in GLBT-headed families meet together a number of times during the school year for lunch and community-building activities. It is an opportunity for these students to join their peers in conversation about their experiences both within and outside of CFS. The group is facilitated by faculty members.

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