Antibias Education at CFS

The history of the Quakers is intricately bound with the early history of our country. Leaders in the Abolitionist Movement, Quakers were guided by the principle of tolerance, which informed their sense of justice and equity, and ultimately their actions. Quaker schools were among the first to respond to inequities in education, enrolling students of differing religious backgrounds and color long before legislation required such inclusion. Today, the Cambridge Friends School student body is a diverse one, rich in experiences, opinions, and backgrounds.

Cambridge Friends School actively promotes inclusion and diversity of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity in our effort to offer a multicultural education. We seek to foster an appreciation of our differences while creating a cohesive community with a shared sense of communal values. We recognize that creating community out of diversity requires thoughtful commitment paired with sustained and deliberate action. As part of our commitment to social justice, we are engaged in building an antibias community, striving to more deeply address issues of bias and privilege. Through their academic studies, discussion, affinity groups, and special events, students gain an awareness of issues of social justice and equity. The CFS experience is one that endeavors to instill in each individual an appreciation for differences and a commitment to creating and building just communities.

Consistent with the Cambridge Friends School mission and Quaker principles, promoting diversity and fostering consideration and compassion for others always have been important CFS values, and antibias education is ingrained in the CFS curriculum. In order to better serve our students and their families, CFS is committed to antibias training and professional development for all faculty, staff, and trustees.

Community and Equity Committee

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill 

    Title: Head of Middle School and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Business Phone: (617) 354-3880
  • Photo of Rebecca Conner

    Rebecca "Becca" Conner 

    Title: MS Science Teacher
  • Photo of Kevin Edmond

    Kevin Edmond 

    Title: Early Childhood Teacher
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x170
  • Photo of Kiana Gibson

    Kiana Gibson 

    Title: Early Childhood Teacher
  • Photo of Diane  Marangoly

    Diane  "Dee" Marangoly 

    Title: Director of Development and Communications
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext. 117
  • Photo of Elizabeth Plunkett

    Elizabeth "Liz" Plunkett 

    Title: Grade 3/4 Teacher
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x134
  • Photo of Elizabeth Stillwell

    Elizabeth "Libby" Stillwell 

    Title: Librarian
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