Academics at CFS

CFS Middle School

The middle school years are a transformative and spirited time of immense intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth. The Cambridge Friends School middle school program embraces and celebrates this unique developmental period, providing a smooth bridge from the self-contained classrooms of the lower school to the challenges our students will face in high school.

Our commitment to progressive education and student-centered approach mesh perfectly with the unbridled enthusiasm of middle school students. The curriculum is designed to develop a growing range of skills, not only reading, writing and mathematical understanding, but also creative expression, athletic skills and performing abilities. The teachers work to develop critical thinking and coherent expression in their students. At this age there are social and emotional skills that are important for students to acquire. They learn to set priorities, work through conflicts and care for the larger community.

Small classes (average class size 12-13 students) give students an ideal setting to begin experimenting with their ideas, take risks, and better understand themselves not only as learners but as a persons. We strive to understand the complexities in their lives so we can deliver the most meaningful instruction with the greatest degree of individualization and care.

The core curriculum includes the study of English, mathematics, science, history, and Spanish. In addition, all middle school students have classes in visual art, drama, and physical education.

After a successful pilot project in 2010-2011, the school equips each middle school student with an iPad. In addition to learning skills of word processing, presentation, research, and file management, the students utilize applications throughout the day, in each of their subject areas.

In the sixth grade, students see two core teachers for English, history, and mathematics, but remain in their homerooms. Specialists direct the science and Spanish programs. Seventh and eighth grade students move from classroom to classroom and are taught by a team consisting of an English, history, mathematics, science, and Spanish teacher. These teachers share a common set of students for two consecutive years. As a result, middle school teachers communicate regularly to meet and discuss the individual needs of students and the structure of the curriculum within their grade levels.
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