List of 7 members.

  • Photo of David Tierney

    David Tierney 

    Title: Head of School
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 x 111
  • Photo of Candice Jarden

    Candice Jarden 

    Title: Chief Financial and People Officer
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 x125
  • Frannie Chan 

    Title: Director of Finance and Administration
    Business Phone: 617-354-3800 x125
  • Photo of Alexandra Penry

    Alexandra Penry 

    Title: Director of External Affairs
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext. 145
  • Photo of Katherine Marion

    Katherine "Katie" Marion 

    Title: Head of Lower School
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x107
  • Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill 

    Title: Head of Middle School and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Business Phone: (617) 354-3880
  • Photo of Andy Amato

    Andy Amato 

    Title: Building Manager
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x159

Administrative Staff

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Haley Brown

    Haley Brown 

    Title: Associate Director of Admission and Communication
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext. 144
  • Photo of Kiley  Guerrier

    Kiley  Guerrier 

    Title: Assistant to the Head of School and Business Office
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext 146
  • Photo of Nicholas  Lorenzen

    Nicholas  "Nick" Lorenzen 

    Title: Executive Operations Coordinator
  • Photo of Diane  Marangoly

    Diane  "Dee" Marangoly 

    Title: Director of Development and Communications
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext. 117
  • Photo of David Markley

    David Markley 

    Title: IT Specialist
    Business Phone: 617-354-3880 ext. 161
  • Photo of Noelle Meeke

    Noelle Meeke 

    Title: Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Coach
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x155
  • Photo of Marytha Paffrath

    Marytha Paffrath 

    Title: Director of Instrumental Music and Dance Program and Music Teacher
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x163
  • Photo of Ilene Ungerleider

    Ilene Ungerleider 

    Title: School Nurse and Assistant Librarian
    Business Phone: 617.354.3880 x113
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