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Quaker Life, Education, and Outreach

Quaker Life, Education, and Outreach

The Quaker foundation of Cambridge Friends School can be found in its innovative curriculum as well as in its daily operations. Two committees, the Quaker life and education committee of the CFS faculty and staff and the Quaker life and outreach committee of the CFS Board of Trustees, meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the integration of Quaker principles in all aspects of the life of the school.

Core Principle

The core principle of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is that each person has access to an Inner Light or Spirit, which may be called the God within, and which helps each person find out what is right and true. This belief in an Inner Light, however defined, is the foundation of Quaker faith in the worth and in the potential of all people of all ages. It is a belief that remains central to the vision and day-to-day practices of the school. Although phrased in Quaker language, many faiths cherish similar values, and Quakers believe that the core principles are universal and inclusive in nature. As such, they inspire not only the Quakers in the school, but each and every member of the community, regardless of his or her religious beliefs.


Schooling promotes habits of mind and heart that influence children’s choices: how they live their lives and how they participate in their community. These habits are strengthened and affirmed when their families and all members of the school community know and support the values from which they spring.

Quaker Values

Quakers throughout the world produce handbooks known as Faith and Practice, which contain information, advice, and questions for reflection. Everyone is invited to read Cambridge Friends School's Faith and Practice and to use it as a resource to answer questions about how the Quaker values and practice are expressed at CFS. It is organized into several sections, each describing practices and principles at work in the school and their connection to the tradition of the Society of Friends.

CFS Faith and Practice

Quaker Principles


Quakers have historically emphasized the equality of all people. The belief in "the Light within" has led Quakers to work for peace, prison reform, humane care for the mentally ill, civil rights, and economic justice around the world. Everyone has the same human rights and should be treated fairly.


Quakers oppose war and the violence of oppression. We believe that world peace begins with each of us. We try to settle all disagreements without using weapons or words that hurt others.


Integrity means being truthful and always trying to do our very best. We say what we mean and mean what we say.


We strive to be a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community where everyone—students, teachers, staff, and families—feels respected and affirmed.


The Quaker testimony of simplicity reminds us to live wisely. In an increasingly busy and materialistic world filled with a vast amount of external stimulation, we all need space and time to discern what is truly important in our lives.


We need to take care of the things we use and own as well as each other. We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it.
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