We are thrilled you are considering a Cambridge Friends School education for your child. CFS is one of over 80 Quaker schools in the United States and the only Quaker school in Massachusetts. As a Quaker school, Cambridge Friends School attracts families of many religious and non-religious backgrounds. Less than ten percent of our students are from Quaker families. CFS families may be Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, and more. The universal values of peace, simplicity, equality, integrity, and community attract and unite diverse families at Cambridge Friends School.

Quaker Values

Speaking truth, treating all human beings with respect, living simply, striving for community, and resolving conflicts through peaceful means are Quaker values that Cambridge Friends School holds dear. Guided by the understanding that there is “that of God or the Light within in each person,” we try to live these values as a school community. When lived through one’s life, these values become Testimonies that are at the heart of the Quaker spirit at CFS. The Testimonies interpret universal values. They are guiding principles and are explored and reinterpreted by each generation.

Quaker Testimonies

So, what does it mean to enroll your child in a Quaker School? For many CFS families the answer to this question is revealed through their children over the course of their years at Cambridge Friends School. While the Quaker religion is not taught in the classroom, students learn about the positive use of silence, seeking truth and clarity through weekly Meeting for Worship, peaceful conflict resolution, holding their peers in the Light during disagreements or difficulties, and the Quaker Testimonies of Stewardship, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Simplicity. The Cambridge Friends School curriculum is grounded in these Quaker principles and is taught through a social justice, antibias lens. Honoring the Light within each person means that each student is a valued member of the CFS learning community.

Quakerism for Parents

Recognizing that parents are also a part of the learning community, the Cambridge Friends School trustees, the majority of whom are Quaker by design, conduct the workshop Quakerism 101 for Parents. In conjunction with the faculty Quaker Life and Education committee, the Board's Quaker Life and Outreach committee provides an introduction to the Quaker faith and practices for the CFS community, including a history of Quakerism and Quaker education, for those families interested in learning more.

More Resources

To learn more about Quaker Education at Cambridge Friends School, please visit the CFS Quaker Education webpage and read the Summer 2016 Quaker Education issue of CFS Connections magazine. For more information about Quaker education in general, please visit the Friends Council on Education website.

The Following Testimonies are Central to the CFS Mission


Quakers have historically emphasized the equality of all people. The belief in "the Light within" has led Quakers to work for peace, prison reform, humane care for the mentally ill, civil rights, and economic justice around the world. Everyone has the same human rights and should be treated fairly.


Quakers oppose war and the violence of oppression. We believe that world peace begins with each of us. We try to settle all disagreements without using weapons or words that hurt others.


Integrity means being truthful and always trying to do our very best. We say what we mean and mean what we say.


We strive to be a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community where everyone—students, teachers, staff, and families—feels respected and affirmed.


The Quaker testimony of simplicity reminds us to live wisely. In an increasingly busy and materialistic world filled with a vast amount of external stimulation, we all need space and time to discern what is truly important in our lives.


We need to take care of the things we use and own as well as each other. We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it.
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